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Welcome to Planetary Defense Farce!

PDF is a gallows-humour sci-fi military comic with a continuous cast and a (gradually) progressing plot across the time it will run for.
The exact number of comics is uncertain, but like all MREs, it does have an eventual expiry date.

PDF updates with a comic on Mondays, and an infographic or bonus panel on Fridays.

Content Warnings: Discussion of death. Cinematic violence; cinematic death. Mental health discussion.
Implied physical torture. Implied animal and civilian death. (Fictional) religious extremism. Classism and financial issues. (Literal) Xenophobia.

PDF will never feature:
Sexual abuse. Suicide. Human racism. Child or Spousal abuse. LGBT-phobias.

About the Creator:
An amiable wargaming industry cryptid, Benny now lives in Nottinghamshire in the UK, and while nobody can put their finger on quite what it is they do, it’s generally assumed that it’s beneficial, or someone would tell them to stop.

Formally trained as a photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, machinist, and informally trained as a resin printer, Benny’s first paid job was assembling and selling artificial Christmas trees.


What is the name of the planet?
Golborne. Before the incursion, their main industry was producing glass, milled textiles and graphite-like raw material for use in electronics. So a lot of quarries, factories and chemical industry in some areas, and a lot of farms and plantations to working population.

What is the current Commissar’s name?
He hasn’t told anyone yet, we’ll find out in time.

What about the previous Commissar?
Andrew (Drew) Sanderson. He went to live on a farm.

Why are the comments closed on [particular post]?
As the pages are produced a little bit in advance, sometimes they are scheduled to appear at times when I am not around to keep an eye on the comment section. At which point the easiest thing for me to do is just not activate the comments.

Is it Defense Farce or Defence Farce?
Defence Farce, even though I frequently get it wrong. I’m a special Dyslexic Hell of my own making.