Quartermaster Kate
Age: Late 20s
Home planet: Current
Training: Departmento Munitorum

Observations: Non-combatant, but non-civilian. Capable of holding her own against the most stubborn of troopers and officers. The munitions depot is her domain, and anybody hoping to requisition from there better have their manners ready.

Likes: Legible handwriting, Recaff, Honesty
Dislikes: Laziness/Excuses, Impatience, Gossip
Hobbies: Crime novels, cataloguing

Sergeant Ronson
Age: Early thirties
Home Planet: Current
Training: PDF

Observations: An amiable young man, hailing from one of the planet’s many local farmsteads. One of the longest-serving members of the PDF, his own career has been rather ignoble and unambitious thus far. Whilst many around him have been promoted or lost, Ronson appears content to simply keep his head down and work hard.

Likes: Family meals, Off-road driving, Practical jokes
Dislikes: Shaving, Repair work, Emotional honesty
Hobbies: Gardening, Chicanery

Guardsman Smith
Age: Unknown
Home Planet: Unknown
Training: Unknown/PDF

Observations: Clearly not local. Nor especially forthcoming in conversation with strangers.
Ready to assist their comrades and fight for this planet regardless. Sets a fine example to others, and keeps a clean bunk.

Likes: PT/Cross country, Feline units, Card games
Dislikes: Questions, Helmets, High humidity
Hobbies: Educational holo-vids, Journalling

Note: Smith responds to both they/them and he/him.