Contact & Policies

It’s pronounced like Police-eez.

If you wish to contact me about contract work, miniature commissions, terrain building, or points that aren’t answered here, please click here to send an email.
Please use the comment section or social media links to ask about plot and characters.

Social Media:
I regularly upload content to these accounts on: TwitterInstagramTumblr, and Facebook.
I will occasionally also fool around on personal accounts on Reddit, Dakka and DeviantArt because I’m old.
Anyone contacting you or posting things outside of these places isn’t me, especially if they’re trying to sign youup for contests.

PDF Art Policies:
I do not offer prints of comic pages, books, or merchandise relating to PDF. Please do not ask for these!

Don’t sell stuff with my artwork on!
Don’t get us both in potential legal bother by using my silly pictures on print on demand websites!

Sharing online:
Sharing of comic pages and images with my signature attached is welcomed. You may download, upload, resize, rearrange and mishmash PDF pages as long as you do not fully remove the web address or claim ownership.

You can harvest likes or karma or whatever little digital arrows make your rat brain produce the good chemicals, as long as you tell people the source.

But if you crop the signature off the artwork, you’re stopping people from being able to find the comic. This means that I have no idea whether people enjoy what’s being made, and gives me no way to understand what changes could be made to improve.

Spoiler: “PDFComic” takes less characters than “Credit to the Artist”, and actually helps people.

You may always crop out silly faces to make avatars and reaction memes!